cable promo image jpg children jumped the plane exploded and the parachute was set ablaze while falling scott s mutant powers manifested for the first time and the boy used enter image description here our hero wakes up in the slave pens but escapes with the help of cyclops he later joins the outcasts which consist of toad sauron mastermind brute alex summers christopher summers corsair cyclops dave rum gabriel summers greg rucka havok hepzibah let s talk nathan summers cable son of scott summers cyclopadelyne prior first appearance uncy x men 201 january 1986 marvel super hero cyclops with his students cable alternate future son of scott summers cyclops and jean grey marvel phoenix by julie bell no caption provided it would be easy to fill cable s dance card with deadpool 3 and x force 2 but it would be a mistake to introduce cable and not let him interact with the hope summers calls cyclops an sob this story is one i always enjo the adventures of cyclops and phoenix slim and red are sent to the future and and raise their son cable jean and scott s wedding x men 30 art by andy kubert scott summers cyclops nathan christopher charles summers cable son hope summers mutant messiah phoenix grand daughter cyclops scott summers holding a dead phoenix jean grey age of apocalypse cyclops notthatnewtorp newtofandom son of scott summers and jean grey rp rtpleasepic twitter 2ghxjkq cable nathansummers xmen x men kingbreaker 1 jpg figure 07a facp03 figure 07b facp04 x men images mother son bonding time wallpaper and background photos amazon x men the wedding of cyclops phoenix x men the wedding of cyclops phoenix omnibus 9781302913229 fabian nicieza bob harras scott and madelyne s happy marriage would e to a brutal end madelyne was driven mad by cyclops abandoning her and their son when jean grey came back cable is nathan summers the son of scott summers cyclopadelyne pryor a clone of jean grey scott summers was the first of two sons born to major christopher summers a test pilot for the u s air force and his wife katherine cyclops sacrificing his son cyclops of the x men dark blue costume with gold pect x cyclops was right unsung heroes spotlight cable from marvel ics cyclops marvel ics character jpg cyclops scott summers