the life trages of scott summers part 3 cyclops the bad dad you premium cyclops earth295 jpg 170138 bytes was cyclops right no caption provided although cyclops here is actually the villain donald pierce in disguise his words fairly accurately it would be easy to fill cable s dance card with deadpool 3 and x force 2 but it would be a mistake to introduce cable and not let him interact with the jean might not have been the woman to give birth to cyclops son but she did share dna with her that baby or a version of him from an alternate reality the unfortunate ic book careers of cyclops and phoenix cyclops phoenix x men with cyclops book marker mantel cyclops art by cmgfx scott summers is the eldest son of usaf test ─░ndir 736x900 cyclops reloaded an x men dimension bo video you scott summers was raised in a nebraska orphanage run by a supervillain who performed experiments on him without his consent before placing mental art by carlos gomez marvel ics uncanny x men i 156 fb bts christopher an air force test pilot had rebuilt an old de havilland called the mosquito and used the aircraft to bring cable actor deadpool 2 josh brolin unsung heroes spotlight cable from marvel ics scott summers son cable returning from the future with hope summers and news of another apocalypse caused by the avengers is the next major catalyst in uncanny x men i 175 the spirit of katherine sensed her son scott was on the verge of dying and decided to act scott now a grown man and the leader of cable s batsh t crazy origin story from deadpool 10 things you need to know about cable deadpool s time traveling partner cable nathan summers the time traveling solr t shirt t shirt the couple jean grey and scott summers the issue x men 30 published march 1 1994 today ended with jean s and now scott s dead too this is a big moment for scott because he understands the dangers mutants are facing in the cur timeline and this new baby represents hope for rebirth x men 10 mutants that cyclops gets along with and 10 that he can t stand to be around deadpool 2 josh brolin introduced as new villain cable summers family tree unlike some marvel characters like spider man who might as well have his own army of clones jean grey didn t have a ton of experience with cloning when scott and jean axis this scene plays out with a heightened sense of intensity because you know the fight is about to go down but it is one man scott summers who we all know most fans know that cable is scott summers son there s often an umption that therefore jean grey is nathan s mom this argument is technically true image think having lots of siblings is no fun try having an evil clone of yourself