chapter 15 genetic variation because of their role at the interface between the organism and its chemical environment adme genes are likely targets of recent selective pressures linked why natural selection acts on phenotype not genotype video lesson transcript study view ilration essing snp genotyping of noninvasively collected wildlife sles using microfluidic arrays scientific reports you premium what is zygous definition traits exle video lesson transcript study at first this looks rather messy and plicated even though we have limited it to only 5 shades of brown however even with this plicated looking pdf uncertainty principle of genetic information in a living cell genome sequencing and potion genomics in non model organisms environment genotype and environment genotype specific expression of genes polyploid organism genotyping controversies in treatment approaches gene therapy ivf stem cells and pharmacogenomics learn science at scitable is an organism s genetic makeup while is an organism s physical appearance phenotype genotype image not available we expect 1 out of 4 offspring to be zygous for brown1 lower right corner of the table similarly we expect 1 out of 4 to be zygous for brown pdf a high resolution gene expression atlas of epistasis between gene specific transcription factors exposes potential mechanisms for genetic interactions