pangolins saving pangolins from extinction pangolin pangolins may be almost extinct but they are still being hunted ground pangolin in defensive posture pangolin sticking its tongue out baby pangolin keith coleen begg pangolin the artichoke with legs earns top trade protection where have all the pangolins gone pangolins are one of the world s most trafficked s in china and vietnam their meat is considered a delicacy and their scales are wrongly believed to a temminck s ground pangolin pictured here in namibia photo tim lewthwaite courtesy of wcs african white bellied pangolin how us zoos bred endangered pangolins that are considered impossible to keep alive in captivity pangolins curl up into a ball when threatened and carry their es on their backs alarming levels of pangolin poaching in india point to need for a systematic study 10 amazing facts about pangolins pangolins are prized for their meat and scales just one small can cost thousands scott hurd huge quanies of traps for critically endangered pangolin removed from the forest the pangolin men are protecting the world s most trafficked mammal 19th february 2016 pangolin pangolin conservationpartnering for pangolin conservation indian pangolin defending itself against asiatic lions a black bellied pangolin phainus tetradactyla in central african republic opportunistically taken for its meat photo by john c cannon indian pangolin is highly endangered in india and world s most hunted as well as most trafficked in the world the endangered thick tailed frozen pangolin at a chinese restaurant china s insatiable love for pangolins puts island on alert lion pangolin chinese manager fired for dining on pangolin while on holiday in vietnam china news asiaone 1 reply 60 retweets 89 likes a poacher scales a pangolin skin the scales are exported for use in chinese traditional pangolin prepared for cooking pangolins are scaly mammals that live in asia and africa poaching has made pangolins the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world why pangolin pangolin pangolin in africa