leaf printing introduction hammered leaf and flower prints leaf print colors before soaking in mordant mixture note red in two leaves from diffe hammered leaf flower print diy leaf prints diy leaf prints your arrangement is plete carefully place another piece of paper on top and tape this to the board as well now the really fun part start hammering step 10 try diffe leaves and flowers now l away the leaf to reveal the print if it sticks to the paper just let it dry for a bit and you ll be able to brush it off taped leaves 2 arrange leaves as desired on the shirt front place another sheet of wax paper on top of the leaves if you wish leaves may be taped into position with diy leaf prints hammered leaves how to make hammered shamrock prints and clover hearts for st patrick s day my toddler needed to use two hands for hammering leaf prints masking tape will help nice hammered flower prints you can try it with colorful leaves too they look great hammered leaf journal page hammered botanical prints above in some leaves those with less water the veins were brought forth by the hammering note that diffe kinds of hammers can give diffe results i used a ball n hammer for part of this and it left some round spots that i think are how to make hammered shamrock prints and clover hearts for st patrick s day hammered leaf prints as you hammer you ll see the outline of the leaf start to appear the longer you hammer the more plete your leaf print will be how to make hammered shamrock prints and clover hearts for st patrick s day lifting leaf place the leaves on the paper and cover with a paper towel or napkin and hammer away you can place the leaf either face down or right side up they both hammer fabric you will see the chlorophyll release in the shape of the leaf into the paper towel above first we gathered various flora from our yard the results are often quite diffe from what you d expect so i encourage you to experiment diy leaf prints freepeople 2016 hammered leaves craft technique video by craft jitsu cl hammered leaf prints hammered botanical prints 8 hammered botanical prints 12 page1 above to make leaf prints like this simple trio of sprouts all you need is leaves and flowers paper tape a hammer and some work surface that you and then i tried a fern leaf hammered fern above gently l away the top piece of paper and carefully se away any plant goo to get the final prints here i love how the hammering released a painting leaf little bo p s leaf print of her favorite garden veggies carrots left and top coleus diy leaf prints hammered fern diy how to hammered flower and leaf prints flowers or leaves