advanced photo system type c aps c is an image sensor format approximately equivalent in size to the advanced photo system clic negatives of aps c shooting distance 7 0m full frame shooting distance 4 7m so what do you think crop factor conversion chart canon eos 7d vs canon eos 5d mark ii aps c vs full frames parison sony nikon canon full frame aps c ilhp for full frame 35mm a lens must have an image circle larger than 43 27mm and for a 15 x 22 5 mm aps c frame an image circle of at least 27 04mm enter image description here full frame aps c conversion chart for dummies pentaxforums canon aps c to full frame ef lens converter crop sensor and full frame equivalent mm focal lengths parison chart exposure times ogue 35mm film exposure times aos c sensor the below image shows why a shorter focal length in aps c equals the same field of view for a given ff focal length the above does too but this spells it how to calculate s35 equivalent field of view archive bmcuser the munity for blackmagic camera users for you micro 4 3rds shooters the lens factor is 2x so a 50mm is equivalent to a 100mm and so on the following figure shows the relative sizes of diffe sensor types along with the crop factor of each the crop factor is very important to understand taille des diffés capteurs photographiques numériques capteur kodak kaf 39000 focal length and position a parison of relative sensor sizes sensor size parisons for digital cameras photoseek brand designations edit kipon baveyes 0 7x adapter this bar to view the full image the original image is sized 750x690 converted 800x504 jpg full frame vs aps c difference between image sensor formats whether your camera sports an aps c micro four thirds 1 inch or some other size sensor there will e a time when you ll have to calculate a 50mm lens on a camera with a 1 5x crop factor aps c sensor gives a field of view equivalent to that of a 75mm lens on a full frame or 35mm film camera depth of field pared full frame vs aps c camera 35 mm equivalent focal length the take away is that the exposure is the same regardless of sensor size as a photographer progresses in their craft and changes gear they can absolutely sigma mount converter mc 11 for sony e mount full frame and aps c sensor cameras to be able to use 19 global vision lenses in sigma canon mount eos an aps c lens e g 50mm at the lens position on the diagram will project the light so that it covers the entire aps c sensor aps c format sensor 0 75 super 35mm view x magnification 0 75 super 35mm view x magnification enter image description here the crop factor unmasked articles and tips pentaxforums if we convert that to cycles picture height for an aps c sensor we get full frame and other sensor sizes jigarpatel a diagram from metabones ilrating the change in coverage when using the adapter sizes of the sensors used in most cur digital cameras relative to a standard 35mm frame