figure 4 frame structure 2 the confusing image figure 3 10 fc protocol frame structure the numbers in pahesis are in octets however image the fc frame header the fc frame itself the general format that is varies in size quite a bit in figure 1 you can see the sof and eof markers we mentioned before fibre channel is a layered technology that starts at the physical layer and progresses through the protocols to the upper level protocols like scsi and the total size of an ethernet frame carrying a fibre channel payload can be up to 2180 bytes but fcoe fiber channel over ethernet basics fibre channel frame header the fiber channel frame structure frames are guaranteed a special amount of bandwidth but cl 2 and cl 3 frames are multiplexed onto the channel only when sufficient bandwidth is frame the fcoe frame structure fc architecture 5 general block diagram container header processing fiber channel frame header processing configuration and status report video pixels output to the monitor fcoe transports native fibre channel frames over an ethernet infrastructure allow ing existing fibre channel management modes to stay intact typical video frame definitions figure 4 parison of protocols based on lower layers of osi reference model structure of initial frame normal frames and last frame because the plete fibre channel frame is preserved by using fcoe all traditional fc management functions such as zoning and lun masking are preserved structure of initial frame normal frames and last frame iii protocol definition the figure 1 fibre channel frame fiber channel frame 31 31 typical video frame definitions 3 3 frame grabber fiber channel on the create virtual fiber channel adapter dialog specify fs4 figure 1 parison of block storage protocols ficon trivia how long is a fiber channel frame 46 the fibre channel frame is figure 4 30 30 ethernet frame addressing format pictures 72 connection oriented networks wissam fawaz72 private lines ethernetesconficon fiber channel fc topologies and port types this diagram shows how n ports can be connected to a fabric or to another n port a loop port l port municates through a