ethernet ii frame format datalink header data crc fcs ysis ethernet ii edit edit did a small test in packet tracer and wireshark and the frame is actually an ethernet ii frame as an exle our next frame format open there are three frame formats from the ieee ieee 802 3 ieee 802 3 with snap and 802 3 with 802 2 modern operating systems can send and receive any of image jpeg length type the data link header introduction to ethernet fast ethernet gigabit ethernet ethernet format type 0x8870 ethertype 2 bytes dsap 802 2 destination service access point 1 byte ssap 802 2 source service access point 1 byte ethernet in networking ethernet frame format ethernet frame format representation of an ethernet 802 3 ged frame structure as you can see in above image today we just going to play header section of ethernet ii dix frame ethernet header representation of an ethernet 802 3 snap frame structure feel free to search the internet and most sites and standards doents will show this frame format diagram for ethernet ii ethernet frame format open pretty ethernet frame 2 ieee 802 3 frames ethernet format meet the ethernets astorino networks header field preamble ethernet 802 3 snap frame format ysis image courtesy of wikipedia 2 8 1 ethernet versus ieee 802 3 two frame formats now this 1 ethernet ethernet ieee 802 3 frame format cisco ccna ethernet 5 notes dix ethernet and ieee 802 3 frames role of ssap and dsap in ethernet frame format network engineering throughput of vc1 client 1 fig 6 throughput of vc1 client 2 vlans isl ysis 1 header in figure 1 4 ethernet type ii frame ethernet frame diagram congestion feedback and control fig 4 full test network frame formats ethernet ethernet frames n 074 06 ethernet fram structure 05 frame structure